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Working Problems? When your fridge is not working or is not stopping. It is important to look at the temperature controls, compressors, thermostats and defrost timers. Temperature Problems? If your fridge is running too hot or too cold, we should examine the temperature controls, thermostat, and air inlet dampers. Leakage Problems? If your unit is leaking and water is standing inside or outside the fridge, worn outdoor seals and water inlet valves can be the reason. Faulty Ice Maker or Water Dispenser? We will check the water inlet valves, fill tubes and dispensers, and the ice maker itself to fix the problem.

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Common Problems With Fridge

  • Not Cooling Enough
  • Making Noisy or Loud
  • Freezer is Cold but Fridge is Warm
  • Fridge Does not Defrost
  • Licking Water on the Floor
  • Water is Leaking into the Fridges Fresh food area (read more)

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Since we opened in 2014 we’ve seen the appliances repaired of over 1000 customers.


If our customers don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our customers have a 100% satisfaction.


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.


” I really needed a repairman for an fridge. We have an old refrigerator, and he did such a good diagnosis. I fixed everything. Qualification is very high! I would like to mark his work as excellent! He did everything very qualitatively, arrived on the same day. We are very grateful.


“The order was for the repair of the fridge, I did everything carefully, I cleaned everything after myself. The work of the master is very satisfied, I can safely advise friends and acquaintances. Alex is an excellent specialist in his field. We were satisfied with the work done.

Values & Mission

To be the appliance service leader renowned for integrity and dependability.

Our goal is to be punctual and honest to save money and time for our customers.

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